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Mission Statement: To design and manage innovative learning environments for young men and women in Lesotho that elicits general engineering skills, business savvy, manual capabilities, applied sciences, systems thinking, leadership and management abilities that address the needs of career and business development in Lesotho.  The school also pursues financial self-sustainability through self-reliance, commercial activity and responsible environmental management.

Strategies: To employ Experiential Learning, Permaculture, Sustainable Development, Earth Systems Science and Renewable Energy to achieve rapid economic growth. 

Primary Fields of Operation: Education, Self-reliance, Research and Development, Extension and Business Enterprise.

Objective: To provide high quality and unique experiential learning to our students which results in a real economic growth rate of 10% per annum.  Indications of this growth will be demonstrated by cash flow, asset growth, innovation, environmental vitality, demand for goods and services and qualitative accomplishments.  The immediate objective is wealth and job creation, and the ultimate goal is widespread middle class prosperity, social order and freedom.

Monitoring and Evaluation: BBCDC produces an annual report each year, distributes it widely to partners, stakeholders and for educational purposes, and is audited financially by a professional accounting firm.  These reports provide credibility and a track record of meeting plan and objectives. 


NUL Students on Study Tour Nov 2015.
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